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„Never Ignore the Cosmic Ocean“ work history

„Never Ignore the Cosmic Ocean“ is a piece by Lithuanian composer Gediminas Gelgotas (born 1986). Completed in 2011 „Never Ignore the Cosmic Ocean“ is one of the few music examples „with an experimental nature which features contemporary styles of youth culture“ (Baltic Youth Philharmonic brochure, 2013). In this score the composer annotates also minimalistic choreographies which the musicians have to perform during the piece; as much as turns, body spins of the soloist, body movements of the orchestra musicians and others. Gelgotas wrote also the lyrics of the piece, which are a stilistic element in his composition: „You are about to create, but if to say the truth, there is no creation there, it is not new, because no You is there. Your identity comes not from looking to others. No lie, no personalities, no repetition, no ego exists when You create.“ The words are to be performed by the musicians while playing in a manner close to rapping and it includes also their singing while playing their instruments. Continue reading