„That‘s how unlimited the contemporary music can be!“ (Kieler Nachrichten, C.Strehk, 2013)


“He already exercises a masterful control over a highly attractive musical language that utilizes all possibilities of modern compositional techniques – including its cacophonous ‘abbyses,’ likewise audibly influenced by a strong expressionist will. Fascinating!” (E. Ochs, Ostseezeitung, September 2012)


“The new composition by the Lithuanian composer Gediminas Gelgotas caused a sensation!“ (Neue Musikzeitung, August 2012)


“When I first heard Gediminas Gelgotas’ music last year, I was completely blown away! His music is fantastic and the whole concept of performing it is incredibly original.” (Kristjan Järvi, 2012)


“I like that beauty seems to be his guiding principle. It is what people are hungry for – music that has an element of peace. Gediminas Gelgotas has a very unique and compelling compositional voice.” (Terry Riley, 2009)