“Breadth of views, depth, freedom, mobility, courage and, most importantly, openness”


On February 2nd, 2020, the concert of Gelgotas’ music took place at the prestigious Chamber Hall of Saint Petersburg Philharmonic. Compositions Sanctifaction, Never Ignore the Cosmic Ocean, To the Skies, Extracadenza, Sacred Unreligious Soul, Transitory, Unknown 21,Free, What’s Unrobotizable was performed by the composer himself and his ensemble NICO.
“The whole concert was a spectacle, an aesthetic delight. It is obvious that Gelgotas thinks not only as a composer, but also as a Director. No wonder he called his program-show, I would say “classic show”, in which everything is arranged flawlessly-music, style, dynamics, quality of performance, choreography, light, communication with the audience. Refinement, skill, at the same time, simplicity, taste, joy. In terms of imagery, commitment to minimalism and energy, Gelgotas ‘ music echoes the work of Alfred Schnittke, but is absolutely original, the vector of movement is love of life. In it, the personality of Gediminas — breadth of views, depth, freedom, mobility, courage and, most importantly, openness. Interestingly, Gelgotas sometimes complements the sound of instruments with his singing. What an organic unity, archaic and modern! Classy. As a Creator, he feels equally comfortable in any musical space from the Baroque to the most “sharp” rhythms of the third Millennium. And yet, I would say that the music of Gelgotas is contemplation, thought is immersed in reality, and images are drawn up. He does not set boundaries between man and nature, past and future, life and death. In his music, everything lives simultaneously, interpenetrating. This is like the pulse of life, like time, which in human perception sometimes flies, then freezes, but never stops” – written by Nadezhda Rogozhina at russculture.ru