On August 17th, 2020, the concert of Gelgotas’ music, as a part of the prestigious Odessa Classics festival, took place at the Great Hall of Odessa Philharmonic. Compositions Sanctifaction, Never Ignore the Cosmic Ocean, To the Skies, Extracadenza, Sacred Unreligious Soul, Transitory, Cadenza from Violin Concerto No.1 and other works were performed by the composer himself and his ensemble NICO.

Please find an excerpt from one of the reviews below:

“Lithuanian composer, conductor, pianist Gediminas Gelgotas and his ensemble conquered the Odessa audience


His ideas in music are a clear embodiment of our current reality, where boundaries between Classical and Popular music are blurred. In fact, this is one of the directions that Classical music is taking on in our time and this direction is what helps us to keep the interest of today’s audiences, creates progress and evolution in our field.”

(Olesya Baglyukova, mystetsvo.in.ua)